Community Awards

    1. Looking Good (2 points)

      Add an avatar image to your profile.
    2. Bug Catcher (25 points)

      Thanks for reporting a bug!
    3. Great Idea (25 points)

      Make a Webwide feature suggestion that is ultimately implemented. Thank you for your feedback!
    4. Platinum (50 points)

      Awarded for upgrading your account to platinum membership. Thanks for supporting Webwide! Trophy applies permanently even if you end your membership.
    5. Hidden trophy (50 points)

      This trophy is hidden. Details are visible once it has been earned.
    6. Website Badge (75 points)

      Show off your Webwide contributions with a Webwide social icon or profile badge on your website to earn this trophy. PM an admin a link to collect this.
    7. Hot Stuff (100 points)

      Reach 1000 views on your profile. Aren't you popular!
    8. Refer a Friend (100 points)

      Awarded for referring a friend to Webwide using your referral link.