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I am Michale! I make 3D Jewellery animated videos for living. My expertise lies in product visualization, 3d modeling, rendering and texturing. We make video for all types of industries ranging from education, medical, manufacturing to jewellery and electronics. We offer services for small businesses, startup companies, entrepreneurs, large scale corporations, non-profits organizations and service industries.

Product Marketing Video

We specialize in following things
  • Product demo video
  • Product teaser video
  • Product overview videos
  • Product launch video
Happy Thanksgiving to those of our American friends celebrating it today! 🦃🛋
Hey fellow Neopets graduate. 😄 Who needs Netlify when there's pet pages?!
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What is Neopets?^^
@Gummibeer I can't quite believe it's still going but Neopets is/was a online community game where you collect these cartoon pets and play games, participate in economy, etc. for fun.

It has been many years since I visited it seems like it's not caught up with the times. Each pet would have a blank page that you could write HTML and CSS on to create a simple website. You could also customise profiles and other things with your own CSS and images. There were whole sites dedicated to resources for this.
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🆒 So... something cool happens when you share your thread on Twitter/Facebook now but I guess you're just gonna have to do it to find out what. 🤔👀✨
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