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Jun 6, 2021
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Uncover 1000+ Communities to Promote your Product

Announcing: Communitable and would love a little feedback on it!

đź‘‹ Hi, I'm Ric a no code enthusiast and indiemaker from the UK that loves all things entrepreneurial.

A few days ago I launched pre-orders for two similar products that cater to differing end users. The one I’m looking for feedback on is Communitable a web based database which is more in tune with web entrepreneurs/indie makers/startups/founder people like your good selves.

Communitable is a 1000+ Communities database (airtable) you can use to find where your ideal customers are hanging out, engage with them instantly and promote your product or service.

I'd love to get feedback from the maker communities like this one as, well, you're the ideal end users. And I think I may have a bit of product bias but don't want to be blinkered just because I made it :)

The details…

Due to the sheer size alone I think others could get use of the one I’ve created overtime as well as the deep features of it. For example I cover the whole shoot and shebang from the most important community channels:

  • FB Groups
  • Discord Servers
  • Reddit
  • Circle/Independent Sites
  • Slack

And I cover much required gems such as:

  • Community content promotion rules
  • Best times/days to promote
  • Threads/areas in to promote/engage in
  • Admin/Community contacts to help foster relationship and not get bounced

So if you’ve got the time to leave feedback I’d be eternally grateful if you let know it. For example

  • Are there any specific issues you encounter when promoting/engaging communities about your product service

  • Can you tell me if the features mentioned would be beneficial to you when promoting/engaging in communities or elsewhere?

  • Are there any points that you feel I could incorporate would benefit you and the maker community as a whole?

If it any help full features and benefits can be seen at: communitable and any and all feedback is muchly appreciated!

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