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We've launched a decentralised P2P lending platform - Raise

We've launched a decentralised P2P lending platform - Raise


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May 22, 2020

Website: https://raise.it/

Leveraging Blockchain technology, Raise is a transparent and secure platform that connects individuals with business investment opportunities and allows investors to earn great returns while borrowers are able to grow their own businesses.

Key features:

✅Get full insight over your investments
✅Start investing with as little as 1 DAI
✅Feel secure with our smart contracts
✅Our investment opportunities can be funded using Stablecoins
✅You can swap your money and invest in one click, no need for an exchange service
✅There are no commissions involved, so the loan APR is your ROI
Raise takes on part of the risk, keeping 10% of the loan stake with 90% left to private investors

Get started now and earn 19% APR! Any feedback is welcome🚀

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