🎉 Welcome to Webwide V2!

V2 is here (finally)! :meowparty:

Thank you for everybody's patience while we were offline for a :airquotes:short:airquotes: while. We're still in the process of rolling out several changes over the next several days but hey, at least we're back online. Here's what's changed (or changing):

Items with strikethrough are pending and will be live in the coming hours along with a handful of style fixes. I'll update this thread as they roll in.

New: ✨

  • New bespoke (and more flexible) styles
    • New default theme
    • New dark theme
    • Additional colour themes returning soon
  • Article post types available in select categories
    • Article post types have greater focus on the original post
  • Featured article homepage slider
  • New logo
  • Question post types available in select categories
    • Question post types will allow for a 'best answer' to be selected plus StackOverflow style voting
  • Suggestion forums
    • Design resources, project showcase and feedback have turned in to 'suggestion' style forums with upvoting of threads to determine ranking
  • Added option to 2FA via code generator app
  • Cover photos now available on user profiles
  • New PWA
    • Be sure to remove your old homescreen apps and reinstall for the best experience
  • GIPHY integration on posts (hit GIF in the post editor to bring up GIPHY search)
  • 'What you missed' email digests for inactive users
  • New merchandise in shop
  • New community forum categories
  • More forum prefixes
  • New trophies
  • Audio attachment uploads
  • Self-service username changes from Account Details page
  • Guests can begin writing post replies before registering
  • New custom emoji in smiley picker :excuseme:
  • New one-time sponsor option in upgrades
  • Redeem coupon codes in shop for credits
    • Look out for some hidden around the site!
  • Sparkling gold userbar

Improved: 🖌

  • Share widget updated to use native share API
  • Code of Conduct updated
  • Changed to hCaptcha on registration/spam control
  • Updated text editor with more options
  • Tabbed latest activity on homepage
  • Improved automated OpenGraph thread images
  • Performance improvements including image lazy loading
  • New attachment lightbox
  • Improved forum search
  • More user trophies
  • Improved SEO & schema data
  • Added notice to Project Showcase encouraging more info about project technology and warning that threads without OP participation will be removed
  • Added notice to Introduce Yourself forum
  • Forum category restructure

Fixed: 🛠

  • Various editor fixes
  • Various style fixes
  • Accessibility improvements
Many of the new features such as Q&A threads, suggestion forums, etc. will begin to show their real potential once people start using them more. I encourage you to explore the forum categories themselves for improved filtering and sorting if previously you discovered content mainly through the 'What's New' content. I hope that a more guided post experience in both showcase & intro forums will result in higher quality contributions from new members and get them off on the right footing.

A note on Articles​

You're currently looking at an article post! You can see there's a much larger and focused content area. A selection of the best Webwide articles will be selected for the homepage article carousel. I encourage you to cross-post your blog/DEV/Hashnode content here for extra promotion. Simply pasting rendered HTML content in to the post editor should do a great job of replicating your post automatically. There is a canonical URL custom field where you can point to the original so that your SEO will be protected from duplicate content penalties.

How do you post one? Articles are enabled in most forum categories. When you go to create a thread as usual, you will have a tabbed option of multiple post types.

schitts creek enjoy GIF by CBC

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Oct 5, 2019

Congratulations! 🎉

Where's my dark theme? 😱
And could you move the author partial to the top of each post? 🤔
I would also be totally fine with a smaller one or in forum the old right left sidebar style. Too wide text is hard to read anyways. 😉

PS: I really like the new top/nav-bar! 🚀

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Mr. Webwide
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Sep 24, 2019

Congratulations! 🎉

Where's my dark theme? 😱
And could you move the author partial to the top of each post? 🤔
I would also be totally fine with a smaller one or in forum the old right sidebar style. Too wide text is hard to read anyways. 😉

Good plan on the author userbit! I will get that moved. The side might work well to slim the content down on desktop you're right.

Dark theme will be ready for bedtime browsing... :babyyoda:

I vastly underestimated the amount I would be unhappy with in the new update. Rather than using a forum theme framework like last time I decided to build my own from the default base theme XF ships with. It's slowly getting there! At least everything works now.



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Oct 13, 2019

Adam time is looking right for some premium ads 🤟



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Aug 3, 2020

It's been a while for me; real life has been busy. But this place looks clean, once again!



█🍁█ That Canadian Guy
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Feb 25, 2020

Th place looks great!


It's been a while for me too. Glad to see your sticking through with this project.

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