We are giving our SAAS product free for life (Reasons inside)


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Apr 23, 2020

What is the product?
Interr.io is a tool that aims to make your websites more human. It shows you who is on your website at all times and allows you to initiate conversations with them and hopefully convert them. And we are giving it away free.

Why are we doing this?
In one word: COVID
I will be honest with you. We have a runway of about 4 months and this is our hail mary. We believe giving it away will help us spread the word faster and as the product is naturally viral, we believe that that’s the push we need.

Will, you shut down in 4 months then?
Yes, we might. That’s a risk you and us both take. But we can promise you one thing. We will listen to you constantly and make a super damn good product over the next 4 or whatever months we get from you.

Can I pay you anyway? I want to pay you.
Yeah of course. Anything to extend our runway.

How long are you going to give this free?
Till we get the first 100 customers who have INSTALLED it on their website. Remember, we need the visibility. You will need to install and use it to avail.

But I have a lot of traffic, how can you afford to give this away free?
Yes we cant. If you have a lot of page views, please pay what you think is reasonable for now.

You can sign up for it here https://interr.io

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