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Oct 7, 2019
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Cost per unit calculations of Amazon products

Hello all!

I hope you’re all doing well during this pandemic. I let my past project,, become stagnant over the past few months (I’m sure you understand — quarantine life required some adjusting), but now I’ve completely re-engineered it!

This project aggregates product listings from Amazon and when those prices are combined with the unit counts (that I manually specify and audit), the cost per unit is calculated!

So what did I re-engineer? Before, I had tried out the static site generator Jekyll. I had python scripts pulling down Amazon data and spitting out JSON files. I was using Google Sheets to maintain the unit counts. And then I was using python to spit out the Jekyll files. It was a real mess. Silly of me to be so distracted by the “free” of Netlify.

But now I’ve transitioned to my bread and butter, Django! An actual database-backed system... What an improvement! You may not notice a huge difference on the front end, but wow, remind me to never stray from Django again.

So what are your thoughts? And now that we’re in this COVID-19 reality, any additional types of products you’d like me to track?


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