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Jan 5, 2020

Hey everyone!

We're excited to show off our ~somewhat~ new app to this community. (I read through the rules of conduct and this should be fine but please let me know if this is against any rules and I can remove it).

Firstly, I hope everyone had a fun holiday and are back to the grind of day to day life.

We're going to be introducing Stock Alarm - An IOS app that allows you to easily set stock alerts based on price targets, price movements, percent changes, SMAs, and more!

Never again settle for setting limit orders before going to bed and hoping for the best. Stop checking your phone during work to find yet another lost opportunity. Developed by traders for traders, Stock Alarm allows day/swing traders from all backgrounds to set conditional alarms to be triggered from livestock price movement. Features:

  • Customized calls and or push notifications per alert
  • Upper and lower limit alerts
  • Price/percent change target alerts
  • 5, 30, 50, 100 and 200-day moving average alerts
  • Graphs to easily visualize the stock price history
  • Over 8000 stock tickers supported

Whether using this to catch early morning movements or opportunities throughout the day, Stock Alarm will enable you to easily track a range of stocks live, offering the ability to receive alerts through push notifications and/or phone calls.

Please feel free to download the app through IOS App store link here. Let us know if you have any suggestions as to what features you'd like to see from an app like this.

We're open to any and all suggestions from traders/investors/noobies of all backgrounds!

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