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🛰 SpaceX launched 60 more Starlink satellites

SpaceX’s Nov. 2016 application to the Federal Communications Commission says Starlink will offer speeds of up to a gigabit per second at latencies of just 25 to 35 milliseconds. I'm excited to see how this type of connection anywhere on the planet will change our perspective on what can be done with the internet.

If it is reasonably priced and hopefully even purchasing-power paritied, then it could be one of the greatest democratisations of the web so far. Could revolutionise remote working. I certainly hear lots of complaints from Oceanic & African countries about their unfairly slow and unreliable connections and even within countries where fibre internet is the norm there are many more isolated communities who have been left out.

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Sonic the developer
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Oct 5, 2019

I always read satellite internet had terrible latency but after some Googling it seems possible to make it decent.

Most satellites are apparently < 2000km up, the Starlink ones will be just over 1000km up.

That's about the distance from England to Germany. So latencies in the 10s of ms makes sense.



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Jan 18, 2021

It seems that in the next 10 years we will indeed be able to gain new experience in satellite communications. The launches follow one after another. Also, 6g is already under development. I wonder just why it is needed. Holographic communication? Or will satellite communications, which many companies and several governments are working on, give us a stable connection?

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