Beta Testing Slick Inbox, a neat way to declutter your newsletters from your email inbox.


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Jan 19, 2020

Hey Reddit! I am looking for beta testers for my new app, Slick.

You can check out the landing page over at Slick Inbox

Slick is a very simple app, it has one goal only - to curate all your newsletters in one place so it's easier to read them.

Beta test on Google Play

TestFlight with Apple App Store:

As it is a beta release, I'm expecting it to be buggy, and the experience could probably be improved, but that's exactly why I'm launching it with you guys here. I am really hoping for actionable/constructive feedback/criticism, and I think the crowd here is best suited for that.

Anyway, let's jump into some description of Slick and the rationale behind building this!

## How does Slick work?

Sign up on Slick, and then you'll be issued a unique email that looks something like this:

Use that email to sign up for newsletters you come across, and then they'll start showing up in Slick, where the only goal is to make the newsletter reading experience good and focused.

It looks something like this:

Why did I build Slick?

I love consuming contents! I find it very intriguing to learn about what people are thinking, doing, or what is currently happening, so I love all forms of medium (articles, books, podcasts).

I have so far managed to find a few nice ways to manage my stuff: Books go into GoodRead, articles go into Pocket, my podcasts go into Pocket Casts, but I realised I don't really have a dedicated place to read my newsletters.

Traditionally, newsletters have always gone into your email inbox (well the electronic ones anyway!), and it worked really well because email is a great medium, but recently I'm finding more and more noise in my email inbox.

For example, I usually dedicate around two times a week to read my newsletters, and before Slick, I usually have to surf through the sea of 50% promotions from various marketing emails before I can reach the newsletters I care about. I do like myself some good deals every now and then, but not when I am trying to consume quality contents.

I probably could've taken the time to organize my newsletters into email folders and I suppose that'll really help, but I also could just build an app to take care of this. Guess which option I chose? :)

Why newsletters?

I love newsletters! I find that with the rise of connectivity in today's world we are drowned in waaay too much noise, I find myself often scrolling endlessly through Twitter or Facebook only to snap out an hour later reflecting on what I've learned (spoiler: nothing).

But newsletters, however, they bring a different sense of clarity for me. I find that by subscribing to newsletters that I really care about, my quality of consumption has improved because the things that I subscribed to are relevant to me. Unlike Twitter where anyone can tweet in less than a minute, newsletter takes an awful lot amount of time to curate and share, and I deeply appreciate the effort that goes behind making those.

Perhaps it's also because newsletters makers don't have to compete for clicks, but I find that there are less clickbaity/sensationalist titles.

Some of my favourite newsletters:
- James Clear's 3-2-1
James Clear, the author of the ever-popular (and incredibly helpful), Atomic Habit is sharing with us his wisdom in this short-form newsletter.

In this newsletter he shares 3 ideas from him, 2 quotes from others, and 1 question that he leaves for the reader. The question is often very self-reflecting and I absolutely love how it constantly makes me reflect on my self.

- Ness Labs/Anne-Laure Le Cunff
In this newsletter, Anne-Laure curates the best resources around the internet and from her own learnings to share with us the neuroscience behind creativity and productivity. I am constantly learning something new from this newsletter!

- Tim Ferris
Tim just shares 5 cool things he's encountered in his past week, I find it really interesting to see what people like Tim read/do/encounter that makes them who they are. (I love the way Tim interviews his guests on podcasts!)

I am a developer, so I also really enjoy newsletters from the programming community, things like ElixirWeekly, RubyWeekly, StatusCode etc. In fact, those are what started my journey into newsletters :)

Some future features that I'm planning:
Here are some of the features that I'm planning, but ultimately I think this is going to be largely based on the feedback I get from beta testing.

  • Better onboarding
  • Discovery
  • Favourite issues

I built this thing entirely from scratch and by myself, so I really don't think I have all the answers to what the app should be. But I've built something that's currently working for me, and to further improve it now I need the community's help to chime in on the direction of the app, so I kindly ask you to provide as much as actionable feedback/constructive criticism as possible!

On a final note, thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and I can't tell you how excited I am to share this with you guys!

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