Show us your robots.txt

Show us your robots.txt


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Oct 14, 2019

Hard to say wut these series of "Show us your..." might end up asking members. But, much like Canada, we aim to keep it G-rated :D

We now turn to another to another neglected yet integral part of a website's framework: the robots.txt file. This particular file suffers from its intrinsic inability to accept common forms of decorative code easily, and thus it is consigned to an afterthought by webmasters across the board.

However, this doesn't mean that there aren't methods readily available to spice up your robots' file a bit and showcase your meticulousness. In fact, many companies such as Google and Nike have gotten creative with their robots files by adding characters and witty lines of text that demonstrate the importance of extending your site's reach and influence to its most trivial and obscure corners.

Have you done something for your robots.txt file lately? :D

See mine in action: