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🏅 Prizes to be Won: New Year Referral Drive!


Mr. Webwide
Sep 24, 2019
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United Kingdom
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Today, 01:23
Update: These prizes are in addition to the tree planting program here: 🌳 Refer a friend, plant a tree

I hope the new year is treating everybody well!

Let's kick off with a little friendly competition and hopefully drum up some more friends here at Webwide.

Using the new referral functionality to track referrals, I will be offering up some prizes for referring members as follows.

A 'matured referral' will be an account that you have referred that is: a legitimate unique user, has created at least 5 posts, has no bans or infractions

🙏 Refer a Friend Profile TrophyFor your first referral
🏅 1 month of Gold MembershipFor every 1 matured referral (up to a maximum of 6 months)
☕ 1 'BuyMeACoffee.com' GiftFor the first 4 members to reach 5 matured referrals (0/4 redeemed)
📦 £10 GBP (or equivalent EUR/USD/AUD) Amazon Gift Card (for your local Amazon)For the first member to reach 10 matured referrals (0/1 redeemed)
All prizes awarded at admin discretion.

Competition ends 29th February 2020 at 23:59 UTC.

You can find your referral link and history here: https://webwide.io/account/referal and also keep track of others progress in our leaderboard (shows all referrals, not just 'matured').

Your referral will be remembered even if the user navigates around the site or comes back later before registering.

🔥 Top Tip: You can also append your referral ?ref=X on to any Webwide.io URL if you'd like to share your profile or a specific thread instead of the homepage (eg. https://webwide.io/members/adam.1/?ref=1).
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