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Dec 6, 2020
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Bring all teams together with shared goals

I was trying to scratch my own itch here.

I work at a big multinational, with many in-office disputes. There are bosses who forbid team members from talking to other teams; there is explicit sabotage; every project that requires cooperation is a blame war. The funny thing is that, once you get to know them, the people are all nice. It's the culture and structure that make the culture so dysfunctional.

So the idea here was to put people together to help one another. Once that you find a shared interest, chances are you won't be so defensive anymore; and once you invest in someone else, you are forced to empathize with them. It's like a social network on rails (so it's not distracting) and focused on upskilling.

Please tell me what you think? 🤗

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