Personal/project and time management?

Personal/project and time management?


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Oct 13, 2019

Hi everybody!

Big question and a big topic to discuss... How do you handle time for yourself, your projects and partner/family?

Everybody is in a different situation, that's why I'd love to know how you manage all these topics and stay sane.

For myself, I'm bad at time management. My body is my main indicator that I don't take enough breaks and time off for myself. And I'm constantly ignoring it.
I've got a few side projects, I love all of them and they all give me loads of power. I'm having a hard time finding time for my projects though, as my relationship and my job are pretty time consuming. I had to decide between programming/working on my side projects and keeping a healthy relationship with my girlfriend. This decision broke my heart as I did not want to lose any of them. Right now it feels like I'm losing the fight to keep programming/working on my side projects in my top priorities as the relationship is more and more time consuming.

So, enough from my side. Let's talk about you!