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Aug 28, 2020

Hi Webwide, I've just joined, I'm a solo founder of a chrome extension that allows people to annotate news, articles, and other text around the web for their subscribers, and then monetize them via a substack-like model. From what I have seen web annotation has not been taken this direction before, and would love any feedback, advice, and definitely users to try it out!

I read a lot online, and have always wanted something that will give me a window into how other people are reacting to, analyzing, criticizing, fact-checking, and adding context to news and articles they read online. In addition to just their reactions to it, I want to be able to discover the news and content they're reading everyday and be able to read it as soon as they do, keeping myself up-to-date on what is being published and the perspective of people (VC/PM/Founders/Journalists/etc) reading it.

The key to this is not just a personal annotation tool, but one that is built around finding other people who are annotating what they read, building a community of people who enjoy their perspective, and monetizing those subscribers parallel to the idea of the passion economy. I hope this seems interesting, and I hope to hear from some of you soon!

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