Making videos to market your services

Making videos to market your services


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Oct 13, 2019

I am in the process of making some videos to sell my specific freelancing service.

My strategy will be to give away all my secret sauce, walk through how I do everything, etc. Which will empower my competitors to do my job just as well as I do it. Which is not a big problem. My intention for this is to build a credible reputation and use it to my advantage for landing the bigger fish. At first I thought this would be a terrible idea, but I've come to terms with the fact that. These are the kinds of videos I will enjoy creating, it won't be a chore and that is very important for content creation. And frankly, there is enough of a pie for everyone to have a piece of it. Guarding your secrets may be important for a commodity business, but if you are offering a service. Personality, reputation is much more important for a perspective client IMO.

Making videos is a fantastic way to build brand authority. You can really create a personal connection by being heard over voice, or by showing yourself infront of a camera.

As for how I am making the videos, I'll be using a browser slideshow presentation framework called reveal.js which is free and open source. [0] This allows you to get fancy with animations and such without being boiled down with any actual video editing. You are just editing html code.

When a presentation is finished I use a screen recordering software to go through the presentation while narrating it.

For voice / microphone I am using a Google hangouts process, speaking into my tablet while the receiving Google hangouts instance is open on my desktop and the screen recording software picks it up. This is a "hack" I like because the quality of Google hangouts is impeccable and I don't want to fiddle with microphone quality, hangouts removes all the white noise in my home without me having to tweak anything. The quality is fantastic.

So I would like to open this discussion up to anyone's thoughts on using video for building a brand and marketing your services.

And hopefully motivate some others to create some content for themselves!

[0] hakimel/reveal.js



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Oct 5, 2019

I really really really want you to take a look in OBS.

It's also free and perfect to record videos but also to live stream.
And there are some good but cheap microphones but even the good ones are "only" around 100€.
It will improve your workflow with just some small adjustments.