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Oct 14, 2019
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I've made an editor/IDE from scratch... Using the HTML canvas element for showing text, I've implemented everything from scrolling, text-selection, etc..
Hopefully it's a bit faster then other web based editors such as Atom and VScode which uses div's and contenteditable.

I've also implemented code "intellisense", and made my own JavaScript parser that can run in a web worker and supports incremental parsing.
So while other online/cloud editors sends everything back and forth to the language server running on the server-side, my editor runs the parser client side, which will hopefully save bandwith.

I've implemented operational transform like in Google Docs, which allows real time collaboration on the same text document.
Compared to other editors you do not need any third party plugins, collaboration is built into the editor.

Speaking of plugins and extensions, the editor is written in vanilla JavaScript, and has a plugin architecture where most features are implemented as "plugins".
So writing your own plugin should be easy.
Compared to other editors, my editor has all plugins included, meaning you do not have to add a bunch of plugins to make the editor useful, they are all installed by default.

Instead of using Electron, my editor will use whatever browser and works on both IE, Safari, Chrome and Firefox as well as mobile browsers. Which speaks to a Node.JS script for file system access.
So the editor has two parts, front-end (the browser) and back-end (the Node.js script) which makes it possible to run the backend on any computer that supports Node.js and then connect to it from anywhere, like your smartphone, iPad, Chromebook, etc.

The editor can run in "cloud" mode which allows many users to use the same backend. You can try it here: https://webide.se/

Or if you want to try it on your local desktop: npx webide.se or npm install -g webide.se

I consider the editor to be alpha/beta quality, so you are likely to run into a few bugs. But I'll quickly fix them if you report the bugs.

Looking forward for you feedback!

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Mr. Webwide
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Sep 24, 2019

This looks really impressive! I think onboarding could be improved. When I first load it tries logging in with admin/admin and I get a unauthorised pop-up even though I never input those details. It would really benefit from a landing page that explained the benefits and added some credibility too.



█🍁█ That Canadian Guy
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Feb 25, 2020

Don't suppose you will have a dark theme eh? xD