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HTML website


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Oct 25, 2019

Hi Webwiders! A couple of days ago I wanted to test my skills in HTML/CSS and decided to create a small project. I would like to get a feedback and some critique from you guys. Mostly about code not design. For now, I have done just 2 pages. Homepage and "About us" page. So, please, check them out and tell me what you think! P.S The text that i have inserted in the website is repeating sometimes and could be random at some places. I used my own text instead of lorem ipsum, because i felt like it looked a bit better.

Site -

Some people have already told me that floating items is pretty oldschool and suggested me to use flexbox instead. Can anyone explain me how exactly flexbox is working and how to better use it in practice? Oh, and of course I am planning to make my site responsive, but for now you should visit it through computers only.

Thanks everyone and stay positive! 🤪👊

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