How to use AI/ML to create new episodes of TV series?


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Oct 5, 2019

First: I don't want/need legal advice, I know that there's copyright included and so on. The question is only for research purposes.

While watching some of my childhood favorite series episodes I thought about creating new episodes and if artificial intelligence / machine learning could solve this? 🤔

So my question is:
Is there any way to feed an AI model with the already done episodes of one TV series and let it create a new one? If so, what would be the best approach? To be honest I have nearly no idea of AI.
Would I have to prepare the videos in any way? Is the video file enough or should it be enriched by title, description or similar? How would it generate a new episode? Would I have to give it the title of the new episode I want? Or just say make:episode?
Is there any requirement for the TV series? Like a minimum amount of episodes, drawn or camera recorded, length per episode?

I think it's a very interesting topic and could be a cool use-case for AI. 🎉

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