Good afternoon!

Good afternoon!


Full Snack Developer
Local time
Dec 4, 2019

Hello everyone!

I'm Josh, and I found this place because Adam posted about it on Indie Hackers. I'm a big fan of communities such as this, and have signed up and put it into my address bar and hope to make it a regular visit and participation destination of mine.

A little about me: I'm a full snack developer based out of Iowa 🇺🇸. I have over 20 years experience building websites and apps. I originally started my career as an internet marketer and taught myself to code because I was too cheap/broke to pay others to add features to my site. Once I learned my obvious evolution was to sell my services. Over time I grew to love the engineering mindset and improved and improved my skills to the point that I have many fortune 500 companies under my belt as both customers and employers. Now I'm mostly doing the independent contracting / entrepreneurial thing with my own company NiftyCo where I am building low-touch SaaS products.

You can reach out to me on Twitter where I am very active Josh Manders 🎄 (@joshmanders) on Twitter, I have tons of open source either I have contributed to, or I wrote myself on GitHub joshmanders - Overview && NiftyCo and if you want to hire me I'm also available for consulting work with Node, React, GraphQL, and React Native, Full Snack Developer For Hire.

Sorry for all the links if they feel spammy, not my intentions. Just wanted to let you all know who I am. I promise to be a contributor to the community, not a leech. :D