Now Live Finally, I got to make the Newsletter I want! Thanks to Mailbrew


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Oct 27, 2019
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Breaking news about the African Tech Space delivered to your email daily.

I am a tech news junkie and overtime, I have evolved to getting my tech news from some specific news outlets amidst the numerous noise, mindless scrolling and switching from one blog or site to another. Partially, I have been able to solve this by subscribing to a few email newsletters (big fan of The Hustle, Techcabal Digest and Morning Brew).

Specifically, for getting my daily dose of African tech news, only Techcabal Digest gives me that highness. To guarantee keep being high, I need to always visit other blogs and websites to get the ones I missed. Its really tiring.

Then yesterday, I stumbled on I couldn't be more happier! You guys are the best and thank you for creating such an amazing product. It's crazily seamless!

Now I can get my doses from all my favourite sources all in one email! This was created specifically for me but if you feel this is a valuable resource for you too, feel free to subscribe 😉. Highness shared is always the best..

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