Beta Testing FeatherFeed - a browser plugin to discover articles without compromising privacy


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Nov 10, 2020
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Discover quality articles with FeatherFeed, a browser plugin without compromising privacy.

Hi Webwide,

Excited to be here and share FeatherFeed with you all.
FeatherFeed is a browser plugin to discover great content without compromising privacy.

We believe your personal data should be yours and we are building FeatherFeed such that you decide when you want to share that data with others. The idea behind it is that FeatherFeed relies on structured private data that a user generates by either sharing their intent or by our client-side apps storing data on the user's behalf. This is done in a private data vault only they have access to.

We realize that, while internet users are increasingly aware of the importance of privacy, they lack the knowledge and easy to use solutions to “do the right thing” online. The urge to have personalized experiences as well as tailored recommendations surpasses the willingness to jump through hoops to consume privately. It is easy to forget about the privacy implications when everything is going well.

We believe it is important that we overcome the challenge of making privacy be an intrinsic part of the experience while staying out of the way of great customization. So my goal is to make my mum and dad have fun with the extension(*) discovering content without even worrying about data ownership - just like many others!

I would really really love some early-stage feedback on the product 🙏 !

Looking forward to hearing from you. Feel free to drop a question/comment below, or find me/us on Twitter @lieefje / @featherfeed


* with a bit of help installing 🙃😂

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