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Do you mostly create software for developers or end users?

Do you create software for developers or end users?

  • Developers

  • End users

  • Both

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MD developer
Gold Member
Feb 13, 2020
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Austin, TX
Local Time
Today, 05:26
The question is simple and even if the answer lies somewhere in between, think broadly about the group of people your software projects tend to target and what about your strengths and interests makes you best to serve that demographic.

To specify, when I say "developers tools" I mean projects like compilers, coding editors, libraries/frameworks, coding languages, and I think someone here even built a browser for developers. 😲

By "end users" I am talking about projects like games, blogging tools, graphics design, video editing—anything marketed as "do it yourself" and to the general public.

I think this will be an interesting question for us here at Webwide since there seems to be a good mix of people creating both kinds of stuff.