Dash It Up: Bridge the Gap Between Developers and Other Team Members.


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Jan 11, 2020

Last month while browsing through Medium feed, I got to know about the ‘Micro-saas’ and found the whole concept fascinating.

In my previous workplace, a fast-growing early-stage startup with a small number of employees where customer engagement plays a very crucial role, there was a gap in conveying pieces of information regarding customers between developers and other team members who did not share the technical background. From there, I realized most of the young startups may not have enough resources and time to build in-house tools and this looked like a good problem to solve.

‘Dash It Up’ is an online platform where developers can create customizable dashboards as internal tools using different data sources like SQL and NoSQL databases or APIs without any maintenance and setup overhead. Team members with non-tech backgrounds can access these dashboards to monitor customers’ info without being concerned with underlying technical details. This ‘Micro-saas’ product is intended for startups at an early stage or with a small team.

Website Link:- Dash it up

Looking for feedback, insights to validate and iterate towards the market fit and beta users if possible.
Thanks :)

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