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Jan 29, 2021
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Capture and organize your design inspiration collections.

Hey all,

My first post here about my first product. is a desktop and web app that helps you capture and organize your design inspiration.

As a designer, I see a lot of good stuff all around the web: Pinterest, Instagram, Dribbble or just other great products designed by my colleagues. And often I want to save those great decisions made by others for my future references. And often those entities I want to save aren't just images, but parts of the actual UI (so that's why Pinterest's Pin button won't work).

So I designed a desktop app that you can use to take screenshots, get them uploaded to the web app—and organize them any way you like.

It also can be used to create mood boards for specific projects and collaborate with clients.

Currently, we're in a private beta that is free for everyone to enter. After beta, we're planning to make money on subscriptions.

Don't have too many users right now, but would love to hear any thoughts on this project. If you're super interested to try it out, here's the secret sign-up link.

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