🕶 "AR" in the real world

🕶 "AR" in the real world


Mr. Webwide
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Sep 24, 2019

Interested to see what others think about the emergence of augmented reality concepts and whether anybody thinks they would find them useful.

Here's something I saw today:

Now as flashy as it looks, I can't help but think it is entirely pointless. I understand it is just a concept but I have seen many AR concepts that seem rather useless. Of course with current tech we would need to use a phone to provide the AR visualisation but I guess in the future the view is to have something akin to Google Glass (remember that?!).

This article has some interesting concepts with mixed feelings from me:

Shopping and try-ons is great even with current tech. Same for education and specific industry uses such as documentation, visusalisation, etc. I have never been on an aeroplane where I would have benefited from staring at my phone to find a seat though! 😄

Google Maps AR mode looks fun, the potential for AR windshields is particularly intriguing:

Then of course there are the retail AR demos which look to me like even more painful than shopping without.

Finally a super-stylised extreme fictional take on the AR concept:

Is there any AR you are looking forward to or perhaps even use today?

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