Appreciately - Spread the love with your friends


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Sep 2, 2020
1 is a game to appreciate your family, friends and employees even when you are working remotely. It's a fun game

It's really simple to use!

You create a game with friends and you will be given questions like:
CHoose someone who makes you laugh
CHoose someone who motivates you to work harder
Choose someone who you are glad to have in the group

You get to pick someone in the game but no one will know who you chose but that person who you chose will receive a point and after every question you can see the scoreboard to see if you have been chosen!

It's a fun way to appreciate your friends or colleagues! It's a great way to reflect after group project has been done or if you want to spread some love in the group!

You can even create your own questions - like some of the users have done. We have seen them creating templates to use with their students in school after project work or a family food edition(Who makes the best pies!)

We are currently in beta but everyone who signs up during the beta will get a special offer once it goes paid.

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