🧠 Anxiety in Product Development

🧠 Anxiety in Product Development


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Oct 5, 2019

Most times I've seen Anxiety-DD on manager side.

The fear to extend a deadline, loose a customer and so on. But funnily I've nearly never seen managers fearing to loose employees because of too much overtime (because of deadline fear), permanently changing expectations or undefined processes or anything.

I ask myself if CI could reduce this anxiety on developer side? 🤔 Or if it just changes the fear from getting errors merged to getting blamed by a tool infront of the whole team. 😕
For me CD, if not a battle tested rock solid CI is before it, increases anxiety to auto-deploy an error.

That's really my only fear - possibly one reason why I love type-hints and have in the first week in my new company implemented several testtools. But still not confident - I still miss a real browser driven feature test setup.

I think primary junior devs could quickly turn into anxiety driven ones if thrown in an experienced eliterised (is this a word 🤔) team. They possibly look up to and fear to get boohd out by them.
One thing why I love Matt Stauffer because of his continued commitment in discussing/teaching how a better human being will make you also a better developer.
Even if I sometimes miserably fail in my own team. 😕

I think it's similar to the current BLF discussion - it's hard to imagine the problems if you never were in this situation. So the best you can do is creating a welcoming and open team/community to allow your team to start discussions about possible issues.