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  1. Tobby

    What would we call citizens of Webwide??

    It just crossed my mind now! America calls their citizens Americans. India calls their citizens Indians. Google calls their employees Googlers, Indiehacker calls their community members Indiehackers. Webwide calls their community members WEBWIDERS! 😁 Any alternative name out there??
  2. Adam

    🎃 Webwide Monthly Update: October 2019

    Welcome to the first Webwide monthly update where I offer up some transparency on the statistics and achievements from the past month. Apologies it's a little late! I'd like to get these out last day of each month in future... 😄 October 2019 Forum Statistics Launched October 5th 2019 3110...
  3. Gummibeer

    Congratulations Tom

    Congratulations @tom ! 🎉 He's our third staff member and so far I can judge he's a good choice! 🤩