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  1. P

    Would love to hear your thoughts on my new website

    Hello guys! I would really appreciate any feedback regarding my agency's new website. Here's the link It's built using Gatsby.js and TailwindCSS. Tbh, I'm really proud of the homepage, but I think the subpages need a little bit more love, I would love to hear what do you think!
  2. mizan078

    Beta Testing Single Page Website Builder

    Hello everyone, We are building a single-page website builder. I started it as a side project with my friend because we were passionate about building something like this for years. We have designed our beta homepage to get early beta testers. Here is the link Dorik.io Beta - Single Page...
  3. samwinter

    Now Live Embed Discord-Style Chat in Your Website for Free

    Hi, I'm Sam, the founder of Relay, a browser extension that adds Discord-style chat to every website. I'm happy to announce that we're now offering Relay for free as a script tag, so you can embed a Relay chat community directly in your website just like this: <script...
  4. HendrikKoelbel

    Hello all 😄✌

    Hi guys, I am Hendrik and I am a software developer from Germany. 😋 In general I work with C#/.Net or API interfaces on a daily basis and am responsible for some clients, libraries and API gateways. You might ask yourself what a C# developer is looking for here or why I don't have a website...
  5. SatvirSandhu

    Hey All! Check Out My Personal Landing Page

    Satvir.me I'd love to hear any sort of feedback, I'm super proud of myself for getting this far in my journey. I hope to create better content that I can share with the community over the weeks to come. Short Bio: I'm a self taught developer based in Toronto, Canada. I'm currently in the...
  6. zadquieljlp

    Critique my CV site

    Hi, please, critique and test my design for my CV site: https://zadquiel-lezama-cv.000webhostapp.com/
  7. jasbarry

    Now Live Netlify Deploy Previews / Heroku Review Apps, but for any hosting provider

    Hey everyone – I wanted to share what I've been working since the beginning of the year. FeaturePeek: Front-end review for the whole team FeaturePeek connects to your GitHub repo and spins up front-end staging environments for every pull request. If you're familiar with Heroku Review Apps or...
  8. tom

    Help Wanted Do you work with docker and docker-compose?

    Hi everyone! Are you working with Docker and/or docker-compose? If so, do you have a central storage for your docker-compose files? I'm thinking about creating a little website for your docker-compose files. There have been already a few projects that wanted to provide such things, but that...