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  1. zadquieljlp

    Critique my CV site

    Hi, please, critique and test my design for my CV site: https://zadquiel-lezama-cv.000webhostapp.com/
  2. jasbarry

    Now Live Netlify Deploy Previews / Heroku Review Apps, but for any hosting provider

    Hey everyone – I wanted to share what I've been working since the beginning of the year. FeaturePeek: Front-end review for the whole team FeaturePeek connects to your GitHub repo and spins up front-end staging environments for every pull request. If you're familiar with Heroku Review Apps or...
  3. tom

    Help Wanted Do you work with docker and docker-compose?

    Hi everyone! Are you working with Docker and/or docker-compose? If so, do you have a central storage for your docker-compose files? I'm thinking about creating a little website for your docker-compose files. There have been already a few projects that wanted to provide such things, but that...