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  1. devhulk_

    Filemove - organize Google Drive files

    Do you use Google Drive? We have just released the app for you. How many times you or your teammate put the file in the wrong folder or call the file in the wrong way? Pick files by name, extension, owner, creation date, or modification date and keep them where their place is and name them as...
  2. junetic

    Walkie-talkie for remote teams

    Hi guys. First time posting here and excited to connect with everyone. I'm Junu, a designer/founder working on an always-on voice chat tool for remote teams called Presence (https://www.presence.so) While working remotely the last 5 years out of Seoul, I missed the highly collaborative and...
  3. Dahfab

    Postwave - Social Media Analytics for Slack teams

    Hi there! we recently launched our early access period and first landing page for Postwave. Postwave is a Slack bot and corresponding web app for automated Social Media analytics and reports. we created it for small to mid-sized companies who communicate mainly through Slack. It enables you to...
  4. D

    Now Live Docbrew - friendly invoicing workflow

    Make it easy to generate your invoices. How much easier would your job be, if invoicing was faster, and easier, and almost fun? For contractors, freelancers, and all small business owners.
  5. xtbhyn

    What do you think about my landing page? How can I improve it?

    Hello everyone :) I made a landing page to validate whether the problem I am solving is worth solving and also if the solution is good enough. I developed this to scratch my own itch and I've been using it for sometime. I would love to know your thoughts about the landing page. Here is the...
  6. Donald

    Beta Testing Howuku: Feedback and analytics platform

    Hey fellow webwider, Donald here! I am a web developer and I made www.howuku.com. Howuku is an feedback and analytics platform that help startups to truly understand user's digital experience via on-site feedback, A/B split test, heatmaps and recordings. It had been a really fruitful learning...
  7. slothkelsier

    Dash It Up: Bridge the Gap Between Developers and Other Team Members.

    Last month while browsing through Medium feed, I got to know about the ‘Micro-saas’ and found the whole concept fascinating. In my previous workplace, a fast-growing early-stage startup with a small number of employees where customer engagement plays a very crucial role, there was a gap in...