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  1. jarod_peachey

    System - React UI Kit

    Still in development with this, but I'm super excited to give y'all a sneak peek of System, my new @reactjs UI Kit 🔥🚀 I'm building it to allow developers to drop in components so they can focus on their product, not the design. However, I'm also building it to support advanced custom styling...
  2. jarod_peachey

    Development Staticbox.io - Comments for the JAMstack

    Hey all, I've been working a lot on a new project of mine, Staticbox. It's a commenting system that prioritizes static sites and integrates with Gatsby and other SSGs. I'm currently in development, but you can check out the marketing site at staticbox.io, as well as the inspiration for it, my...
  3. jarod_peachey

    JAMstack Comments 💬

    Hey everyone, I've recently been working on a project that I'm quite excited to show you all! About a month ago, I was looking to add comments to a JAMstack website of mine but struggled to find options. I came across a great article on csstricks.com, which helped a lot. However, that option...
  4. rvsia

    Resource Using Data Driven approach for building maintainable forms [React implementation]

    A simple declarative way for building complex and maintainable forms A Data Driven approach to forms with React This article presents a brief introduction to the concept, its advantages and how we are using it via our React open source library. Please, if you have any questions, let me know!
  5. sickdyd

    I just published my new homepage, please take a look at it and give me a feedback! (performance issues?)

    Roberto Reale JA I just created my new homepage, please take a look and let me know what you think about it. I made an effect with css box-shadow that I really like, but it's killing some older pcs. How is it working on your machine? If you have performance issues please let me know your specs...
  6. joshmanders

    [No longer] For Hire: Full Snack Developer (Node.js, React, React-Native, GraphQL, DevOps)

    Welp, I see Adam made this section so I will take the opportunity to be the first to populate it. I'm a full stack developer with over 20 years experience. Primarily was a PHP developer up until 2014 when I went full JavaScript. Now days I write Node.js, GraphQL, React and React Native apps...
  7. jarod_peachey

    Development Calorie Tracker App - React, PHP, MySQL

    What's up, Webwide?! Over the past year, I've been working on a small project of mine. It's a calorie tracking web app that tracks calories gained through meals and calories burned through workouts. https://caltrack.netlify.com/ It's kind of my scapegoat for learning new languages or trying...
  8. overshard

    Development Timelite, an extraordinarily simple time tracking app

    Hello All, I've been working for a little bit on a new time tracking app that solves a need I have. Consulting I need to record my time on a variety of platforms, whichever my current employer chooses, and I got tired of most of them not having something as simple as a timer. I also like to...
  9. sfcgeorge

    Hi, I'm Simon

    I'm Simon, 25, London... feels like an ASL 😅 Anyway, I don't like writing about myself but let's try. I started designing websites at 11, gradually learned JavaScript and PHP through my teens, switched to Ruby which I love, then a stint of Java while I did Computer Science at uni. I've...