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  1. Gummibeer

    PHP turned 25 years 🎉

    1995-06-08 - first release of PHP. Anyone interested in a fantastic visual timeline of PHPs history can check out JetBrains/PHPstorm PHP25 birthday page. https://www.jetbrains.com/lp/php-25/ I'm proud that I can say that I've worked with PHP more than half of it's current lifetime (14 years)...
  2. jarod_peachey

    Development Calorie Tracker App - React, PHP, MySQL

    What's up, Webwide?! Over the past year, I've been working on a small project of mine. It's a calorie tracking web app that tracks calories gained through meals and calories burned through workouts. https://caltrack.netlify.com/ It's kind of my scapegoat for learning new languages or trying...
  3. TGDesigns

    Development Stock management System

    Im currently working on a stock management system that will help the user to track stock levels for amazon ebay and magento whilst using product descriptions images and meta tags between each platform. If an item on amazon has a good listing pull it into the stock list and then list it to...
  4. tom

    Your thoughts about Laravel Nova

    Good evening/day/night dear reader, today I‘d like to get some input about Laravel Nova. This question is mostly directed to Laravel developers who work with Nova, but also to all others who want to get to know Nova. So first of all, what is Laravel Nova? Laravel Nova is a „Framework“ for...
  5. voku

    PHP: Transliterator (polyfill)

    Hi, since some evenings I try to polyfill the "Transliterator"-class from php, so that we can convert text in e.g. ASCII more easily. code: voku/polyfill (src/Intl/Transliterator/Transliterator.php) test: tests/Intl/Transliterator/TransliteratorTest.php demo...
  6. ek1

    Indenting/code organization with HTML+PHP mixed together

    Working on a wordpress project right now and I keep running into situations like this: <header>Hello!</header> <?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?> <div class="post-wrap"> <h3 class="title"> <?php the_title();?> </h3> <div class="post"> <?php the_content();?>...
  7. Gummibeer

    Tag input should be case-insensitive

    Atm it seems that tags are case sensitive which create duplicates over time. EDIT: Ok, the tags are insensitive after safe, but the tag input isn't. I've created this thread with PHP and php as tags and now it only has php. So the input should also be insensitive.
  8. Gummibeer

    How to structure Stancy documentation?

    Hey all, I need some help how I should structure the Stancy documentation. It's my first fully self written (except contributions) open source package which I also have to write documentation for. I'm really not good in documentation structuring at all. 😓 Is there anyone who has some good tips...
  9. Gummibeer

    Beta Testing Stancy

    Hey, today I've released the first v0.1.0 release of Stancy. It's still in development and needs documentation, some more integration/real life tests. But my idea for this package should be clear now and everyone is welcome to test it. 🙂 I haven't composed a marketing description. But...
  10. null

    PHP development with PhpStorm

    Hey I'd like to know which plugins for PhpStorm are you using in your day to day work. I use .env files support ANSI Highlighter BashSupport CSV Plugin Ideolog PHP Annotations PHP Inspections (EA Extended) Rainbow CSV Symphony Support