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  1. MarinetG

    Hi and hello from South Africa!

    Hello WebWide! I just found out about this community and am stoked to join it! I've been needing peer help and advice for a while since I'm a bit isolated working for myself (freelancer). Anyway, a bit about me: I'm a graphic, web and multimedia all-round designer with 8+ years of design...
  2. mramitkumar

    Its Amit from India

    Hi All, I am Amit Kumar, a Full Stack(J2EE) developer with
  3. Peter

    Peter here 👋

    Hello everyone! My name is Peter and I hope to get to know you while having fun and pushing each other to new heights. I'm from Sweden but know some other languages and have been to a few countries in the world throughout my 14 years of life. I haven't yet taken the step to actually do anything...