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  1. tom

    Your thoughts about Laravel Nova

    Good evening/day/night dear reader, today I‘d like to get some input about Laravel Nova. This question is mostly directed to Laravel developers who work with Nova, but also to all others who want to get to know Nova. So first of all, what is Laravel Nova? Laravel Nova is a „Framework“ for...
  2. Gummibeer

    Solved How to structure Stancy documentation?

    Hey all, I need some help how I should structure the Stancy documentation. It's my first fully self written (except contributions) open source package which I also have to write documentation for. I'm really not good in documentation structuring at all. 😓 Is there anyone who has some good tips...
  3. Gummibeer

    Development Stancy

    Hey, today I've released the first v0.1.0 release of Stancy. It's still in development and needs documentation, some more integration/real life tests. But my idea for this package should be clear now and everyone is welcome to test it. 🙂 I haven't composed a marketing description. But...