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  1. Owaiz Yusufi

    Help Wanted Fullcalendar 3.x - Unable to get data in modal on event drag.

    I am using fullcalendar. I am able to get data on event click but the problem is I am not able to get it on drag event. Explaination : ( I am able to get data on event click but the problem is I am not able to get it on drag event. ) When I click the events it get the data of the event in modal...
  2. jasbarry

    Now Live Netlify Deploy Previews / Heroku Review Apps, but for any hosting provider

    Hey everyone – I wanted to share what I've been working since the beginning of the year. FeaturePeek: Front-end review for the whole team FeaturePeek connects to your GitHub repo and spins up front-end staging environments for every pull request. If you're familiar with Heroku Review Apps or...
  3. darylmalibiran

    Help Wanted Absolute Beginner in JavaScript

    Hi, I would like to learn JavaScript the right way (not sure if there's a wrong way ✌😅). I'm in love with the websites since I was in College although this is totally not the course is all about. I am designing websites using Photoshop and Illustrator then, I'm building them using HTML and CSS...
  4. overshard

    Development Timelite, an extraordinarily simple time tracking app

    Hello All, I've been working for a little bit on a new time tracking app that solves a need I have. Consulting I need to record my time on a variety of platforms, whichever my current employer chooses, and I got tired of most of them not having something as simple as a timer. I also like to...
  5. sfcgeorge

    Hi, I'm Simon

    I'm Simon, 25, London... feels like an ASL 😅 Anyway, I don't like writing about myself but let's try. I started designing websites at 11, gradually learned JavaScript and PHP through my teens, switched to Ruby which I love, then a stint of Java while I did Computer Science at uni. I've...