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javascript framework

  1. HollowMatt

    tsParticles - What particles.js could be if it wasn't abandoned years ago

    I've converted the old Particles.js library in typescript, fixed some bugs and implemented some good pull requests requested in the old project. And most important, kept everything dependency free and compatible! Want to see samples? Checkout the CodePen collection I’m keeping updated...
  2. W

    Beta Testing Feedback on newly released CLI and Console for hosting solution

    Hey everyone! We just released the beta version of a development & hosting platform called Liteflow. It makes building and launching apps way quicker and easier. It's currently JavaScript based, but compatibility with multiple languages will come soon. You build with event-driven &...
  3. panphora

    Introducing Remake: A New Type of Web App Framework (Blog Post Series in Need of Early Readers)

    Hi Webwide! It's been a while since I've posted! I've been busy working on my side project, Remake. It somehow manages to takes up 110% of my time every week. I'm planning to launch some new tutorials for it soon, so developers have a better idea of what they can build with it (and why it's...
  4. panphora

    The Story of How 3 Product Hunt UX Bugs Derailed My Product Launch

    This was a painful blog post to write. I spent so much time and effort preparing for a big launch day that, when it failed, it was devastating. I got kinda depressed and felt like I couldn't keep going for weeks. I had put 6 months into marketing and hired 5 freelancers (which I honestly...
  5. darylmalibiran

    Help Wanted Absolute Beginner in JavaScript

    Hi, I would like to learn JavaScript the right way (not sure if there's a wrong way ✌😅). I'm in love with the websites since I was in College although this is totally not the course is all about. I am designing websites using Photoshop and Illustrator then, I'm building them using HTML and CSS...