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  1. xtbhyn

    🙏 Namaste from India!

    Hello wonderful people 😊 I am a full stack developer and interaction designer based in Guwahati, a city located in the north eastern corner of India. Here's a quick summary of my life.. 2018 - present: Founded a software firm called "projckt" (projckt.com) Occasionally, I work on client...
  2. aleiveira

    Introducing myself

    Hello everyone! My name is Alessandro. I'm a web designer and Wordpress developer based in Oxford, UK (is anybody from this city here?). I've just signed up to Webwide, which I found via Webdesigner News newsletter. I hope to learn from you and I'm happy to contribute with my experience. Best...
  3. v1rtl

    Hi, I'm v 1 r t l

    ├── whoami │ ├── I'm a 15 yo junior fullstack web dev, lead dev and manager in Komfy (komfy.now.sh) │ └── Besides coding I like writing articles, drawing designs, customizing my Linux and procrastinating on Reddit ├── devstack │ ├── frontend │ │ └── TypeScript, JavaScript, React...
  4. Peter

    Peter here 👋

    Hello everyone! My name is Peter and I hope to get to know you while having fun and pushing each other to new heights. I'm from Sweden but know some other languages and have been to a few countries in the world throughout my 14 years of life. I haven't yet taken the step to actually do anything...