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  1. Revod

    Hello from Colombia🇨🇴

    Hi there, Nice to meet all the members of this community, my name is Ernesto, I'm a 24yo Venezuelan living exiled in Cartagena, Colombia. I'm a Graphic Designer with more than 3 years of experience mainly focused in Branding. Now I'm excited to learn to code and right now Im learning Javascript...
  2. RajatVaghani

    Hello from India 👋🏻

    Hey guys, I'm Rajat from Bangalore, India! I'm currently working on Snap Search - my attempt at providing a safe way to search the web without getting tracked online! Looking forward to sharing and learning a lot on here 🙌🏼
  3. Sharkie

    Hello! 👋

    Well, I've been told to introduce myself, so why not? Hello everyone, my name is Shayna, but I usually go by Sharkie online. Describing what I do is difficult, so difficult I've started describing myself as a Shark of all trades, master of some. For a quick overview, I am a: Full Stack Web...
  4. SatvirSandhu

    Hey Everyone!

    I'm Satvir, a self taught developer based in Toronto, Canada. I'm super excited to share my projects, and check out what everybody else is up to. I'm currently working on my portfolio, and will soon begin to apply for Front End Developers positions, both remote and not. If you're looking for a...
  5. xtbhyn

    🙏 Namaste from India!

    Hello wonderful people 😊 I am a full stack developer and interaction designer based in Guwahati, a city located in the north eastern corner of India. Here's a quick summary of my life.. 2018 - present: Founded a software firm called "projckt" (projckt.com) Occasionally, I work on client...
  6. aleiveira

    Introducing myself

    Hello everyone! My name is Alessandro. I'm a web designer and Wordpress developer based in Oxford, UK (is anybody from this city here?). I've just signed up to Webwide, which I found via Webdesigner News newsletter. I hope to learn from you and I'm happy to contribute with my experience. Best...
  7. v1rtl

    Hi, I'm v 1 r t l

    ├── whoami │ ├── I'm a 15 yo junior fullstack web dev, lead dev and manager in Komfy (komfy.now.sh) │ └── Besides coding I like writing articles, drawing designs, customizing my Linux and procrastinating on Reddit ├── devstack │ ├── frontend │ │ └── TypeScript, JavaScript, React...
  8. Peter

    Peter here 👋

    Hello everyone! My name is Peter and I hope to get to know you while having fun and pushing each other to new heights. I'm from Sweden but know some other languages and have been to a few countries in the world throughout my 14 years of life. I haven't yet taken the step to actually do anything...