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  1. Sharkie

    Hello! 👋

    Well, I've been told to introduce myself, so why not? Hello everyone, my name is Shayna, but I usually go by Sharkie online. Describing what I do is difficult, so difficult I've started describing myself as a Shark of all trades, master of some. For a quick overview, I am a: Full Stack Web...
  2. C


    Hi, my name is David and a friend of mine (also a web developer) recommended me this forum. I am from Austria and I have a Master's degree in Human and Computer-Centered Computing. Currently I am working for jobiqo (https://www.jobiqo.com/) where we create job boards using Drupal, React +...
  3. Azza

    Hello from Vancouver, BC

    I just discovered Webwibe. Looking forward to learning from and contributing to the conversations. I focus on strategy, research, and design for web and mobile platforms, and services such as enterprise SaaS, B2B, and B2C.