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  1. W

    Beta Testing Feedback on newly released CLI and Console for hosting solution

    Hey everyone! We just released the beta version of a development & hosting platform called Liteflow. It makes building and launching apps way quicker and easier. It's currently JavaScript based, but compatibility with multiple languages will come soon. You build with event-driven &...
  2. Samuel Amoateng

    A web app for Instagram analytics

    Yesterday, Socialytics went live. It is an analytics software web app for Instagram. The analytics software is an open source software and availabe on my GitHub account. You can donate or support to this project by sending me email [email protected] How Socialytics works: Just go to...
  3. Ms-mousa

    Development Beginner's experience with React - a shout for feedback

    Hi there! I'm a react beginner and not really sure if this is the right place to post a call for feedback. I want to share my experience writing my first web app with react. It's a weather App inspired by This Post by Hamed You can find the app here : MiniWeather.ms-mousa.now.sh and the...
  4. marwan

    A project to help developers make better apps!

    Hey all 👋 I spent the past few months building HintPod - it's a platform that helps apps reach proof of concept much more efficiently. I'm a mobile app developer myself and I built this to use in my own apps before spinning it off into its own service. I'm intentionally being vague in the...