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  1. jarod_peachey

    System - React UI Kit

    Still in development with this, but I'm super excited to give y'all a sneak peek of System, my new @reactjs UI Kit 🔥🚀 I'm building it to allow developers to drop in components so they can focus on their product, not the design. However, I'm also building it to support advanced custom styling...
  2. S

    Now Live Shape Divider App

    We're excited to launch the Shape Divider web app - https://www.shapedivider.app/ that we've been working on. Over the years we've loved using shape dividers on various different projects. They have the ability to create a huge impact on the overall design and theme of a website. We decided to...
  3. P

    Would love to hear your thoughts on my new website

    Hello guys! I would really appreciate any feedback regarding my agency's new website. Here's the link It's built using Gatsby.js and TailwindCSS. Tbh, I'm really proud of the homepage, but I think the subpages need a little bit more love, I would love to hear what do you think!
  4. panphora

    How to Become a UI/UX Designer

    Hey Webwide, A friend of mine asked me yesterday if I could help out her brother-in-law, who was looking to become a professional UX designer and work at startups. He asked me 8-10 detailed questions and explained he'd already built a basic web app using JavaScript. He mostly wanted to know...
  5. fabulousrice

    Argh-ccessibility 🔪👀

    I'd like to start a thread about daily frustrations regarding accessibility. Just like everyone else, I use designs thousands of times a day without even realizing it, and some feel more accessible than others. When a designer makes an accessibility mistake, or produces something that can be...
  6. avena

    Fragments.pro - Design/Dev/Art latest news

    🙋‍♂️ Hello! I wanted to share with you a small personal side-project. It is a website that displays a bunch of newsfeeds from design/dev/art/ worlds. I initially built this while working on Spline, I needed a fast way to keep up with everything that is happening in the design world. I decided...
  7. John_Bartlet

    Resource I made a tool for creating unique, royalty-free, repeatable SVG patterns.

    It's one of a series of tools I'm making to help the internet be faster and more accessible and expressive. Hopefully you'll find this useful. Here's the link and and some examples of the kind of patterns you can create with it: Beautiful Dingbats' Seamless Pattern Generator
  8. petrbilek

    260+ Free icons for your next project

    Hello guys, for over 6 months I've been working on the Icons fits to web and product development. Here is the icon pack counting 260+ icons ("+" means I am adding new icons each month) https://www.petrbilek.com/store/line-icon-pack I'll be really glad if you could provide me any feedback...
  9. Adam

    👩‍🎨 Neumorphism 2020 Web Design Trend

    Been reading up on 'Neumorphism' or 'Neuomorphism' (from skeuomorphism) today. An upcoming design trend. What do you make of it? Some neumorphism resources below: https://uxdesign.cc/neumorphism-in-user-interfaces-b47cef3bf3a6...
  10. kilian

    Favorite handoff tool?

    Hey everyone, what's your favorite handoff tool? With Sketch getting handoff, and Figma and XD already offering something resembling handoff, I wonder what you use for handoff, and what you like about it! I'll go first: I like Avocode best. It has a lot of clever conveniences (like selecting...
  11. jydesign

    Hi from the Greater Boston area

    I'm an artist, designer, and wannabe musician. Check my blog at jydesign.com and on twitter @jydesign - cheers
  12. johnpolacek

    Design System Playground

    Built this project for generating themes you can use in your web projects. https://design-system-playground.netlify.com/