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  1. HollowMatt

    tsParticles - What particles.js could be if it wasn't abandoned years ago

    I've converted the old Particles.js library in typescript, fixed some bugs and implemented some good pull requests requested in the old project. And most important, kept everything dependency free and compatible! Want to see samples? Checkout the CodePen collection I’m keeping updated...
  2. S

    Now Live Shape Divider App

    We're excited to launch the Shape Divider web app - https://www.shapedivider.app/ that we've been working on. Over the years we've loved using shape dividers on various different projects. They have the ability to create a huge impact on the overall design and theme of a website. We decided to...
  3. w3hubs

    Top 5 CSS Framework 2020

    What is the CSS Framework? A framework is a collection of different types of libraries with UI-components. Frameworks make your work easy and faster with attractive user-interface. This framework support responsive-side and able to worry make a separate file to make responsive designs. Framework...
  4. kilian

    [I made] CSS Specificity calculator

    Hey everyone, I built a CSS specificity calculator so you can quickly figure out the specificity score of an element, along with explanations of how it calculated that score: https://polypane.app/css-specificity-calculator/ It also factors in !important (most other tools don't) and adds some...
  5. JacobHegwood

    A frustrating limitation to CSS

    Have you ever wanted to create a 3d "curved" display using your web development skills? Well, I did! Turns out there is no easy way to do this in present-day CSS! You can do all kinds of crazy 3d transformations nowadays but go ahead and try to make a curved screen effect... it won't happen! If...
  6. sickdyd

    I just published my new homepage, please take a look at it and give me a feedback! (performance issues?)

    Roberto Reale JA I just created my new homepage, please take a look and let me know what you think about it. I made an effect with css box-shadow that I really like, but it's killing some older pcs. How is it working on your machine? If you have performance issues please let me know your specs...
  7. bramley

    Usage of style tag in HTML - but why?

    Does anyone have any scenarios where using the <style> tag could be useful? Is there a browser that doesn't interpret the actual stylesheet properly? I'm genuinely interested, so please leave any ideas below. The only real use case I could think of is not knowing how to link stylesheets in your...
  8. kilian

    Favorite handoff tool?

    Hey everyone, what's your favorite handoff tool? With Sketch getting handoff, and Figma and XD already offering something resembling handoff, I wonder what you use for handoff, and what you like about it! I'll go first: I like Avocode best. It has a lot of clever conveniences (like selecting...
  9. Adam

    Entries Closed [Design/HTML/CSS] Festive Div ☃️

    Challenge Name: Festive Div Closing Date: 20th December 2019 12:00pm UTC The holiday season is upon us! In this community challenge you are tasked with channelling some of your festive spirit in to a coded creation. What can you create with just a single div? Your challenge is to create a...
  10. VoidlessSeven7

    Help Wanted Masonry help

    Hi, I’m currently designing a website that has 20 images loaded, but they are on a single column so it takes a lot of vertical space and not horizontal space. I would like to create a CSS masonry to occupy all the space of the page but I can’t find a good resource that explains how to do it, the...
  11. HyperMystic

    Now Live vov.css

    Started an open-source project, vov.css, a class-based CSS library for small and useful animations. Hope it helps you. https://github.com/vaibhav111tandon/vov.css
  12. vikas chauhan

    Resource How to create heart Shape in CSS with One element.

    👉With using after and before selector in CSS, we can easily target what content should be inserted or after its content. Of course, content is specified with content property. Please follow this link below of codepen of mine to tinker around to see how easy it is to create it. Heart Shape in CSS 🖕
  13. deepjyoti30

    How I have a personal page for free using GitHub pages, Heroku and aws

    Hey guys! I have been working on my personal page for a year now. It is hosted using GitHub pages, but recently I fgiured I can make it dynamic by using Heroku and one thing led to another and I ended up using aws too. Regarding the title, check Have a personal page for free | Deepjyoti Barman...
  14. M

    CSS grid or flexbox: All elements same width and height, but overlapping

    This one has me thrown for a loop. Say I have a CSS container with 3 elements. The last element has content, but all 3 elements should have the same height according to the last element's size (and the width can be a hard-coded percentage or pixel value, so that's not any trouble I think)...