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  1. Sergii.K

    Now Live The IN. Interactive Guide Navigator

    The IN is a solution for expo centers with the function of a multimedia interactive guide-navigator. The solution solves the problem of indoor positioning, finding a route to the desired object, getting information on objects. With the app, visitors can navigate indoors at the event, get...
  2. RajatVaghani

    Hello from India 👋🏻

    Hey guys, I'm Rajat from Bangalore, India! I'm currently working on Snap Search - my attempt at providing a safe way to search the web without getting tracked online! Looking forward to sharing and learning a lot on here 🙌🏼
  3. Adam

    📱 Samsung wants Progressive Web Apps in its app store

    https://www.androidpolice.com/2019/10/23/samsung-wants-progressive-web-apps-in-its-app-store/ This is brilliant news! I wish Apple would embrace them more. Notification support would be a treat.
  4. Michael

    What Phone are you rocking?

    Probably should have more options in the Poll, but hey-ho!
  5. Eoghan

    React Native vs Android Studio

    Not sure if this is the best place to make this post, but I'm building an application. I've done some Android before but not React Native. My question is should I just stick with Android as I am more familar with that. Thanks.
  6. Eoghan

    How do you guys come with great ideas for side projects.

    I sometimes feel like I'm in tutorial hell. And when it comes to coming up with a brand new ideas, my mind just goes blank. I did manage to come up with an idea for my final year project, just gotta hope that it get accepted. if someone wants to hear what it is and give some feed back, that...
  7. marwan

    A project to help developers make better apps!

    Hey all 👋 I spent the past few months building HintPod - it's a platform that helps apps reach proof of concept much more efficiently. I'm a mobile app developer myself and I built this to use in my own apps before spinning it off into its own service. I'm intentionally being vague in the...