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  1. subrahmanyam

    🥳 Happy 31st Birthday to the World Wide Web

    Happy Birthday world wide web
  2. subrahmanyam

    Augmented Reality Software - PlugXR Platfrom

    Customize your conventional & monotonous business cards with Augmented Reality (AR) to make it more appealing to your prospects and leave a long-lasting mark in their memories, thereby leading to higher conversions & stronger relationships. 😊Hurry Up and create your first advanced AR experience...
  3. subrahmanyam

    Best Augmented Reality App Builder for a paper publication?

    Thank you Adam. It is a pleasure to see you promote my thread. @MarinetG if you are looking for an easy to create AR platform that is budget-friendly as well, you can check out www.plugxr.com and get in touch with my senior associate, Brian at [email protected]
  4. subrahmanyam

    Augmented Reality Software - PlugXR Platfrom

    Hi Tom, As you are into printed publishing and wanted to create a service where you can enhance your Company. PlugXR is the perfect solution to your business. Could you please send your requirements in detail with your Business Associative ( Mr. Chris). drop an Email: [email protected] once...
  5. subrahmanyam

    Augmented Reality Trends 2020 : With the increase in developments, here are Augmented Reality...

    Augmented Reality Trends 2020 : With the increase in developments, here are Augmented Reality trends to watch in 2020 that can be a game-changer for your day to day life. For More Details: Augmented Reality Trends 2020 can be a game-changer
  6. subrahmanyam

    Hi, Members

    Hi, @Adam thanks for your response Please Watch Video Demoing. LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shivajiyerra/
  7. subrahmanyam

    Augmented Reality Software - PlugXR Platfrom

    PlugXR is the cloud-based Augmented Reality Platform for everyone, NO Coding and No dependency.easy drag and drop platform. PlugXR Features: PlugXR is not just eliminating the technical skills and cost, but also provides with a lot of other unique features which made us stand out from...
  8. subrahmanyam

    Hi, Members

    I am Subrahmanyam and I am working on a Cloud-based Augmented reality platform called PlugXR (https://www.plugxr.com). Recently, we released an update on our Commercial version, I would appreciate it if you can spend some time on it and provide feedback. Try our Commercial version...