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Search results

  1. Talia

    WordPress Best WordPress starter theme

    Does anyone have any recommendations? I like Understrap pretty well, but I don't want to use Bootstrap on every site.
  2. Talia

    A Blind System Administrator’s Journey to Microsoft

    Very interesting article from last year that I just found. The only thing I don't like is that some of the paragraphs are a bit long, but it's still a great read. https://www.24a11y.com/2019/a-blind-system-administrators-journey-to-microsoft/
  3. Talia

    Selling digital goods

    Does anyone have any suggestions or experience selling digital goods - themes, plugins, templates, icon sets, graphics, photos, fonts, pieces of code, or anything else that's sold as a product rather than provided as a job/service? It seems like it would be very nice to make money this way, and...
  4. Talia

    WordPress Where is the category page template in WordPress core?

    OK, I'm honestly pretty confused. I'm working on a WordPress site and I just want to change the category template in a couple of simple ways - I want to make it so it shows the full posts instead of excerpts and I want to remove the "Category:" in front of the category name. This isn't something...
  5. Talia

    How to deal with making mistakes

    A bit of background - my current job is a remote job, the second job I've ever had (the first was a pizza place employee), and is less than even a junior developer or designer. I occasionally get design and development (by development I mean CSS exclusively) projects, but a lot of my time is...
  6. Talia

    Random HTML & CSS Resources and Cool Stuff

    Just a topic for sharing random cool and useful HTML and CSS stuff we find on our travels. Doesn't have to be anything big. First off, here's a collection of fun, creative and stylish buttons that I really like. https://labs.loupbrun.ca/buttons/ And a good guide to writing alt texts...
  7. Talia

    What is better for SEO: PDFs in an iframe or linking to the PDF?

    Had a customer ask this question and don't quite know the answer. (The PDF in question is on the site, not external.) Looking online, I see some things indicating iframes might not be ideal for SEO, but it's not very conclusive. (Though maybe that's just the way it is when it comes to SEO.) I'm...
  8. Talia

    Solved Verifying GitHub DNS records with dig (BIND) on Windows?

    I'm trying to point a custom domain to the GitHub Pages site for a repository of mine and according to GitHub's instructions, I have to install BIND. (I'm using Windows 10.) When I go to download, it's available in different Signatures (to be honest, I don't know what that means) and whenever I...
  9. Talia

    WordPress Should a WordPress site always have a web developer (or at least IT guy) on hand for maintenance?

    When it comes to WordPress sites, it seems a lot can go wrong. Sites getting bloated and slow, security issues, keeping plugins updated, and general maintenance stuff. It makes me think, maybe it's not really a good idea to just make a WordPress site and hand it off to the customer. Maybe there...
  10. Talia

    Sass - Change a previously defined mixin

    Is there any way to change the value of a previously defined mixin? Specifically, when using @use to import one Sass stylesheet into another.
  11. Talia

    WordPress Site that was hacked has a 404 problem when accessed through Google, but not otherwise

    OK, this is not exactly a traditional SEO problem, but it's related to search engines, so I guess it fits? I have a client whose site is having a weird problem. It's a WordPress site that was victim of a cross-scripting attack. I cleaned up the malicious files using Wordfence, and just browsing...