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Search results

  1. Talia

    The Music Thread

  2. Talia

    WordPress Best WordPress starter theme

    Does anyone have any recommendations? I like Understrap pretty well, but I don't want to use Bootstrap on every site.
  3. Talia

    The Music Thread

    I love Nirvana!
  4. Talia

    Now Live Coronavirus 3d

    Wow, that's quite impressive. Awesome job! The "now loading" symbol kind of looks like a 2D representation of the coronavirus, which I presume is unintentional!
  5. Talia

    The Music Thread

    ye, another duran duran bop
  6. Talia

    The Music Thread

    My favorite on the album.
  7. Talia

    The Music Thread

    More synth-pop!
  8. Talia

    A Blind System Administrator’s Journey to Microsoft

    Very interesting article from last year that I just found. The only thing I don't like is that some of the paragraphs are a bit long, but it's still a great read. https://www.24a11y.com/2019/a-blind-system-administrators-journey-to-microsoft/
  9. Talia

    The Music Thread

    Another great synth-pop track.
  10. Talia

    Pretty!! https://codepen.io/DonKarlssonSan/pen/bGdopPx

    Pretty!! https://codepen.io/DonKarlssonSan/pen/bGdopPx
  11. Talia

    Selling digital goods

    Yeah, that's always seemed like the place to go. Are there any niches that are especially good to target?
  12. Talia

    Selling digital goods

    Does anyone have any suggestions or experience selling digital goods - themes, plugins, templates, icon sets, graphics, photos, fonts, pieces of code, or anything else that's sold as a product rather than provided as a job/service? It seems like it would be very nice to make money this way, and...
  13. Talia

    Have you ever seen a client spell "website" as "websight"? I have...

    Have you ever seen a client spell "website" as "websight"? I have...
  14. Talia

    I love this! https://codepen.io/DonKarlssonSan/full/Baybxzz

    I love this! https://codepen.io/DonKarlssonSan/full/Baybxzz
  15. Talia

    WordPress Where is the category page template in WordPress core?

    Yeah, I guess maybe I shouldn't have assumed core must have a category or archive template... thanks for the responses :)
  16. Talia

    WordPress Where is the category page template in WordPress core?

    After posting this, I realized Understrap does have an archive.php template, so that must be what it's based on. So now I'm wondering if WordPress core doesn't have an archive or category template and it has to be supplied by the theme??
  17. Talia

    WordPress Where is the category page template in WordPress core?

    OK, I'm honestly pretty confused. I'm working on a WordPress site and I just want to change the category template in a couple of simple ways - I want to make it so it shows the full posts instead of excerpts and I want to remove the "Category:" in front of the category name. This isn't something...
  18. Talia

    The Music Thread

    A pretty sad unreleased Michael Jackson track. At the end of the day, I think MJ will probably always be my favorite artist.
  19. Talia

    The Music Thread

    New wave/synth pop is one of my favorite genres. (Other favorites are punk and alternative rock.) Here are a few really good Duran Duran songs I've listened to recently. One of my favorite songs from their self-titled debut album. Like many songs from that album, it has a slightly different...
  20. Talia

    Just for fun a drawing game

    Oh, my gosh. I didn't actually realize that the prompt changes. I might have to play it again. xD