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  1. sfcgeorge

    Now Live Harbour - Shake up your day alongside a life-changing community.

    Couple minor bugs, not very important. The icon for the done button is missing, I assume it’s meant to be a tick. The “10 hours left today” is half cut off at the top. It might be because I’m on an iPhone X size device where the notch throws of calculations. I believe React Native has a safe...
  2. sfcgeorge

    Now Live Harbour - Shake up your day alongside a life-changing community.

    I've seen the last two updates, very nice! I think it's much better now. The updated swiper / scrolling cards options are both good. Having multiple challenges to choose from each day has grown on me too actually and I'm quite enjoying the app 👍🏻 Thanks for making it, good work 👏🏻
  3. sfcgeorge

    🎉 Welcome to Webwide V2!

    I like the new logo 😊 well done
  4. sfcgeorge

    Now Live Harbour - Shake up your day alongside a life-changing community.

    UI inconsistency, like different fonts, random bits of material design (especially on iOS), the intro swiper looking similar but not quite the same as the main challenge swiper. The entering a name page looked quite nice, but again a different style. A/B tests is a great idea actually :) Or post...
  5. sfcgeorge

    ⏱ moment.js is "done"

    We use it and I was vaguely aware of this but haven't switched yet. Luxon (also part of the Moment project) looks nice
  6. sfcgeorge

    Now Live Harbour - Shake up your day alongside a life-changing community.

    Ooh I like it. Years ago there was a photography app like this, every day (or week maybe) it would give you a brief and there was a community sharing their pictures. I think it was plant themed, called something like Vine except Vine was obviously video not photos. Beanstalk? Google bought it...
  7. sfcgeorge

    ☕️ What are you working on this week? [Sep 14th 2020]

    I'm (slowly) writing a blog post (2 blog posts) about a thing. And managed to contact the guy who invented said thing 40 years ago 👀
  8. sfcgeorge

    GitHub profile README's

    @Adam yours is nice and simple :) My personal website's repo is already just my username unfortunately so I'm going to have to rename that before I can use this feature. I do like the zero config elegance of this naming scheme though
  9. sfcgeorge

    Code tsParticles - What particles.js could be if it wasn't abandoned years ago

    I really like that you've revitalised an existing project fixing bugs and improving code quality instead of starting a brand new project. It's usually more fun to start from scratch, but inevitably the new thing will have fewer features, its own set of bugs, and you likely burn out from all the...
  10. sfcgeorge

    The Music Thread

    Been enjoying for some summery lockdown vibes
  11. sfcgeorge

    Meditation and Yoga

    @Sharkie aww that is wonderful, I'm glad you're getting on with meditation and Calm. Yeah I think at first I found myself just enjoying the sessions and that was it (and that's enough really). But after a few months I definitely felt a bit calmer in general. I do still get anxious or stressed...
  12. sfcgeorge

    React Ink: Build CLI apps with React

    Ink is a framework that lets you write command line interfaces using React. It uses bits from React such as JSX and Hooks, but provides its own render method and components. It's not super comprehensive, still a little new, but I'm trying building something with it and so far finding it way...
  13. sfcgeorge

    Meditation and Yoga

    Somehow managing to stick to half an hour of yoga per day most days, even worked up to intermediate (not well but I can make it to the end). Taking rest a day sometimes is important though, I made my hip sore doing too much but now I'm fine again.
  14. sfcgeorge

    🛰 SpaceX launched 60 more Starlink satellites

    I always read satellite internet had terrible latency but after some Googling it seems possible to make it decent. Most satellites are apparently < 2000km up, the Starlink ones will be just over 1000km up. That's about the distance from England to Germany. So latencies in the 10s of ms makes...
  15. sfcgeorge


    @Adam I can confirm the FeedBin magic email feature works and shows up in NetNewsWire as a separate feed per newsletter, perfect. I found the newsletters I have subscriptions to also have RSS feeds anyway though. I found the RSS version updates quicker than the email version (not a FeedBin...
  16. sfcgeorge

    Entries Closed [Encoding/Encryption] 🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♂️ Detective Decoder

    Aarg I missed 1 tiny thing then revealed the wrong clue. Fun though! And that's a really useful tool, I'll be saving it. 2358
  17. sfcgeorge

    Redesign of personal website

    Ooh that is a nice site. I'd maybe make your name and logo/pic a bit bigger at the top, but that's about all my feedback. Nice font choice too. Aah Circuita is very cool. Are you thinking it will be for electrical circuits, or flow charts? I want a flowcharts-as-text tool but haven't found one...
  18. sfcgeorge


    Yeah it’s awesome how widespread RSS is, even if it isn’t “popular” anymore. Helps that it’s super easy to implement. Interesting point about notifications, I don’t have any notifications, I like to dip in when I choose but not constantly be checking it like Twitter it getting alerts like email.
  19. sfcgeorge


    At the bottom of this post RE magic email feed it says since it’s just a regular feed, it will sync with your favorite native app as well. Haven't tried it yet but I do subscribe to a few email newsletters so I might try it! NNW is free so you can test that without worries. And Feedbin has a 1...
  20. sfcgeorge


    A few months ago I got into RSS for the first time really as I started to find twitter overwhelming. I used to follow blogs on Twitter but many will re-post the same article multiple times for reach which is annoying, and seeing news mixed in with what friends are saying became jarring. So, RSS...