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  1. adam

    Convert HTML-slim to normal HTML

    Hey @beldrnl! Yes this is possible, for any of the preprocessors on CodePen be it HTML, CSS or JS, if you click the little arrow in the top right of the editor box, you can click "View Compiled (HTML in this case)" to show the processed version. <div class="b"> <div class="c"></div> <div...
  2. adam

    Happy birthday Matt!

    Happy birthday Matt!
  3. adam

    Really clever, well done! A great spin on the million dollar homepage.
  4. adam

    Webwide.20 looking... huge!

    Hey @fabulousrice! Just want to check you're not zoomed in. Does pressing CMD+0 fix it?
  5. adam

    I'm still here! 😄

    ...and if you're reading this, thanks for stopping by too! It's been a little quiet round these parts lately, which is more than expected with the festive period but a little before then too. We're not going anywhere though, and the new year will see a much more organised schedule of activity...
  6. adam

    It's-a me, Fernando!

    Welcome Fernando! Love those goals. Pluckd looks really interesting. What programming languages have you been learning?
  7. adam

    "Why the web is such a mess" by Tom Scott

    Always love Tom's videos! This one is especially relevant for here and a really insightful bit of storytelling on the history of the web.
  8. adam

    Development 🌬 Breathe Guide | Breathing Exercise Companion

    Finally a year later finishing this up! In the last couple of days... Improved audio Created share links Added timer Smoother animations Still very much a WIP that I am hoping to "finish" this week.
  9. adam

    The WebWide Paycheck is judging me...

    Ha! Oops. 😇 We are a little quiet. I got some stuff up my sleeve for the coming weeks. 🙏
  10. adam

    Roast my landing page (WP for Developers) Hey everyone! Would love your feedback on my landing page. Not sure if it is a bit wordy but there is a lot that I wanted to say and convince people of. Thanks very much in advance for any time. :)
  11. adam

    How Google's Nofollow tags Links Impact SEO?

    If backlinks to your site have either of these tags they’ll provide zero SEO value. If you use them on your site you will protect yourself from users linking to spammy sites or having an unintentional bad link affecting your SEO. That being said, a healthy amount of external links with links...
  12. adam

    Have your web design/development skills ever come in handy in day-to-day life?

    Early during the coronavirus lockdown it was very hard to get ahold of my favourite brand of anti-bacterial hand sanitiser. The company was posting on Twitter shortly after they added stock and it was selling out in minutes after, presumably quite a few people had notifications on. Soooo... I...
  13. adam

    Help with Javascript algorithm (how to work out a prime number in JavaScript?)

    So a prime number is a number that is only divisible by itself and 1 resulting in a whole number. You can rule out all numbers less than 1 including negative numbers so that would be my first check. You can do a modulo of 2 to check if a number is even, if it's an even number (but not the...
  14. adam

    🐘 2020's fastest-rising tech jobs? Programming language PHP leads the way

    "Job listings for entry-level PHP developer roles have increased a massive 834% since January 2020, making it the fastest-growing tech job across the industry, according to Indeed's data."
  15. adam

    Now Live SpreadTheWorld - An Acquisition Channels Database for Startups

    Nice one @xavier! Did we make the cut to get included?
  16. adam

    Powerful and fast CMS?

    @minddigital55 Please refrain from asking the same question multiple times. There is no one-size-fits-all CMS. Almost any well-built CMS will be fast and powerful if used correctly, that is the point of them.
  17. adam

    Looking for inspiration or a new project

    Edit your original post with some of your skills and I'll post this out. :) Maybe a good personal project to start would be a personal website/blog? I know they are really good for getting hired.
  18. adam

    Looking for inspiration or a new project

    Hey @TGDesigns! So sorry to hear about your work. I'm sure we can find something to keep you occupied in the meantime! Is it a web development job you'll be going for next?
  19. adam

    Xenforo and Magento hosting - Fully managed, UK based - Recommendations? are outstanding. They host this forum without a hitch and support Magento too! You can use my code DB8C8731 for £12 off.