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  1. ReinissB

    Make screenshots stick out

    Used it for my latest dribbble shot and I am very satisfied with the result. The one thing that I did not like is that you can't fix the position of X Y or X while scrolling only X and Y or Y and Z and so on..
  2. ReinissB

    My first and latest design works in comparison.

    Thank you! Thats a great idea. Will post some of my older works and try to re-design one of them.
  3. ReinissB

    My first and latest design works in comparison.

    Hey. I just posted a cool comparison of how my first and latest design works look like, to see how I have grown in 5 years. For me, It was such an interesting day to go through some of my older designs and see how effective self-learning can be in modern world. I hope that those who are in a...
  4. ReinissB

    How to come up with creative content ideas?

    Be surrounded by creative people, read creative books, watch creative tv shows or movies, go outside, pay attention to small details that surround you and most importantly consider yourself a creative person. Without that, there can be no creativity. As well as, don't try to force creativity. It...
  5. ReinissB

    Real estate property - Homepage design

    Hey! I've been working on many different and interesting projects lately and decided to post one of them on my Portfolio page :) I will appreciate any feedback from you guys :) Hope you like it and have a nice day.
  6. ReinissB

    🎂 My Birthday 🍾 + Giveaway 🎁

    Happy birthday! 🎂🍾
  7. ReinissB

    Development Remade my portfolio

    If you are talking about your own image and the main title, there is no need for the shadow as well, but if you really like that shadow over there, it can stay. But yes, I recommend you to remove the drop-shadow for your text everywhere else on the website.
  8. ReinissB

    Development Remade my portfolio

    Hey! Looks nice, the only thing I would suggest is removing this dark text-shadow. It will make your website look more modern and will improve readability 👍
  9. ReinissB

    What is the best way to build an online shop for existing business?

    Hello webwiders! I was wondering, what is the best way to build an online shop for business that is selling car parts and paints? Basically, they don't have anything online-based yet, but they are willing to create an online shop where they could sell all of their goods online. The thing is...
  10. ReinissB

    I would appreciate your look on my UX/UI related instagram profile.

    Hey guys! I recently started to post more often on my instagram, so I would appreciate some attention to it. Also, what can you suggest me to get more followers that are more UX/UI and graphics related, not my friends that follow me only because of our...
  11. ReinissB

    Vigor - Survival Game

    This is random, but If you have any knowledge of Russian language or you know a Russian person's name Igor, the game sounds so much like it, haha :D
  12. ReinissB

    ☕️ What are you working on this week? [Sep 14th 2020]

    Unfortunately I can't show you my progress, but I am currently working on a freelance project where I have to design a homepage and logo for Accounting agency. And hopefully this Saturday I'll get my first real web design related job (smiley emoji) I don't know why I can't add emojis.
  13. ReinissB

    My recent design works

    I recently finished a design for a fictional esports organisation. This was actually a test task for an agency that I applied to work for as a graphic designer. I will appreciate any kind of feedback from you guys :)
  14. ReinissB

    Thanks, Adam!

    Thanks, Adam!
  15. ReinissB

    My recent design works

    Just wanted to update you guys with some of my recently designed webpages! P.S I don't know why does the footer and trusted people...
  16. ReinissB

    Web design/development YouTube channels

    I love Caler Edward and his works! I, personally enjoy speed art videos. As I don't much of an explanation about how does photoshop or any other program works, speed art videos are really nice way to see the progress of other artists works.
  17. ReinissB

    Latest website change

    Oh, wow! 😍 I love how the gradient overlaps with the title text, although at some moments it doesn't look that nice, overall It's beautiful!
  18. ReinissB

    ⚡ Desentra: Learn crypto in 15 minutes or less | Newbie to Pro

    This is not my field of knowledge, but do these titles really help you to get more customers? Because they sound a lot like a clickbait and aren't really telling the truth considering that you can't actually learn something in 15 minutes or less and in reality, the whole course takes much more...
  19. ReinissB

    Solved Captcha every time I enter the website?

    Yes, the problem has disappeared! I no longer need to complete Captcha. Thanks @Adam. And @Gummibeer No, I am not using a VPN or Proxy. Im not really sure what caused this problem. 🤷‍♂️
  20. ReinissB

    Solved Captcha every time I enter the website?

    Am I the only one who is facing CAPTCHA entering the website every time? The weird thing is that the questions are the same all the time: Click the photos with a plane in it. So, Is this some kind of new security thing or it appears only to me?