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  1. VickiLanger

    What do you think is considered part time work?

    Phenomenal question. I'm currently looking for a part-time job and I wish companies would define this in their job listing. Fulltime work is 40 hours. Apparently some companies are having people work 39 hours and calling it part-time. Personally, I'm looking for something more like 20 to 30 hours.
  2. VickiLanger

    🚀 Hands-on with the Panic Nova beta

    That got integration is pretty. I find the one in VS Code lacking. It’s decent and it works, but the gui isn’t near as pretty
  3. VickiLanger

    Just for fun a drawing game

    Plump musician? Plain cat? Scruffy kitten?
  4. VickiLanger

    Suggest a fun, future-friendly stack for my next project?

    I have no input on stack as that’s not something I claim to know much about. I’m convinced you could use pretty much anything to make anything, with some exceptions. Anyway, I just wanted to ask clarification on what you community goal is. Are you looking to build something like gaiaonline...
  5. VickiLanger

    Hi everyone!

    It works and it's cute. Following tutorials is a great way to learn. I enjoyed the comments in your code. 👍 A+
  6. VickiLanger

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome! I'll bite. What is this "really dumb web application" you built with Vue?
  7. VickiLanger

    Web Development on Mobile

    I can’t imagine coding a whole project on a phone! Kudos to anyone who does. I think @Dalton Edwards has done it. I think it might be more realistic to do it on some sort of tablet, but still I would have crazy err roots. Err roots aside, I think it could change the barriers to entry. Not...
  8. VickiLanger

    Solved 🙀 Animated avatars now supported

    Your cat is cute.
  9. VickiLanger

    👩‍🎨 Neumorphism 2020 Web Design Trend

    I like the look quite a bit, but not in a I-would-use-it kind of way. I think it’s probably best to stay in the dribbblesphere. I can imagine it being awful for accessibility. Even if you aren’t colorblind, the subtleties can be hard to pick up. If you can manage a AA contrast, maybe it’ll look...
  10. VickiLanger

    Hey All! Check Out My Personal Landing Page

    I didn't even notice that before. That really is an awesome effect.
  11. VickiLanger

    Hey All! Check Out My Personal Landing Page

    That is really cool looking. It does a great job converting your contact stuff and I shows a bunch of different things you know how to do. Very nice. 👍🏻
  12. VickiLanger

    Now Live Trivia for Coders

    😄 Ooo, I like that. Kinda like a streak, but not a streak. I little bit of gamification but without the leaderboard style. I think I can do that. Now to learn what I need to learn about database stuff.
  13. VickiLanger

    Now Live Trivia for Coders

    Ohhhhh yes! Having points was part of my initial idea. Then I decided I really wanted the bot to foster conversation. I like your idea to have questions with fixed answers and using the bot to respond to tell people if they were correct or wrong. I think I will do that. What do you mean by...
  14. VickiLanger

    Now Live Trivia for Coders

    Hi 👋🏻 Two weeks ago I had an idea and did a little customer development, via a twitter poll. Most of the feedback was positive. So, I made a Twitter bot that tweets code-related questions 4 times a day. The goal is for coders to have fun & meet other devs while learning and helping each other...
  15. VickiLanger

    👀 Video: Every new emoji approved for 2020

    I personally am excited to see more cats of color representation. For reals, who has all of these orange cats? My cats are black. So, I’m excited for that. I’m also happy to see the trans flag be added. A simple affirmation of existence can go a long way to make some feel more whole As for...
  16. VickiLanger

    🗣 How A Blind Developer Uses Visual Studio

    Thanks for sharing. I've wondered this many times.
  17. VickiLanger

    Usage of style tag in HTML - but why?

    Done. I've added it to the list. Can't say when it will be asked as it asks questions randomly, but you'll get a notification when it does. 'When would using the HTML <style> tag could be useful? \ncredit @bramleylmao', #
  18. VickiLanger

    🖱 Chrome and Safari Desktop now support custom scroll bars with CSS

    Hmm, those safari examples are mostly nice looking and it's one more thing your site could use to differentiate from others. Though, it has the potential to go very not good. I'm thinking some awful 90s stuff could happen. That one safari one that should be style-12 looks like it'd be cool on a...
  19. VickiLanger

    Usage of style tag in HTML - but why?

    I totally don't have an answer to your question, but I have a question. Would you mind if I use your question for my twitter bot that asks a couple daily code trivia questions?